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ENJOY 10%OFF WITH THE CODE: firstorder | 📧 SALES@ILUMOS.COM | ☎ +44 208 150 6619
ENJOY 10%OFF WITH THE CODE: firstorder | 📧 SALES@ILUMOS.COM | ☎ +44 208 150 6619

I LumoS Black Unswitched Brushed Aluminium 3 Pin Multiplug Wall Plug Double Socket

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Original price
£15.99 - £151.99
Current price £15.99

I LumoS TM is a trademarked product and is available to be used in all rooms of your home, business and establishment. The I LumoS range compliment your home with a unique and luxurious style that will bring your home into the 21st Century. The unique design removes the need for traditional sockets that bring a modern and stylish look to enhance your property.

I LumoS is more than just a name. It is a Brand you can Trust. I LumoS brings the best out of your home without having to break the bank. Why not bring that Beauty, Simplicity and Enhancement into your home

Technical Data
Brand I LumoS
Product Type French Sockets
Available Colour White, Black, Gold
Operating Voltage 110-250V AC / 50-60Hz
Mechanical Life 100,000 times Usage
Warranty 2 Years
Single Panel Size 86 x 90 x 25mm (Fits into 35mm Single Box)
UK Double Panel Size 146 x 86 x 25mm (Fits into 35mm Double Box)
EU Double Panel Size 157 x 86 x 25mm (Fits into 35mm Standard European Boxes)
Triple Panel Size 226 x 86 x 25mm (3 Single or Our Triple Back box)
Finish Screwless
Working Temperature (-)20°C to 70°C
Certification CE / FC / RoHS / UKCA
Capability Allowance (-)15% to (+)10%
Frame Material Brushed Aluminium
Frame Thickness 4mm
Variety Please ask for further details as any combination is available
Use For Indoor Use Only
Returns 30 Day Money Back Guarantee