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ENJOY 10%OFF WITH THE CODE: firstorder | 📧 SALES@ILUMOS.COM | ☎ +44 208 150 6619
ENJOY 10%OFF WITH THE CODE: firstorder | 📧 SALES@ILUMOS.COM | ☎ +44 208 150 6619

I LumoS Luxury White Glass Double Panel Touch Remote Dimmer & Remote On/Off Combination LED Light Switches

Original price £45.99 - Original price £54.99
Original price
£45.99 - £54.99
Current price £45.99

White Glass Double Panel Touch Remote Dimmer & Remote On/Off Combination LED Light Switches:  These switches can be used to turn the lights on/off & Dim the lights up and down and are operated by Touch and Remote. These switches are LED compatible as well as all Halogen bulbs and fittings. The Combination switch gives you the ability to have a Dimmer and On/Off all with 1 Light switch.

All Switches are FC, CE & ROHS certified.

I LumoS TM is a trademarked product and is available to be used in all rooms of your home, business and establishment. The I LumoS range compliment your home with a unique and luxurious style that will bring your house into the 21st Century. I LumoS switches are all manufactured with Glass Panels operated by Touch and Remote control, with a unique and high-quality Aluminium Frame that makes your switch stand out in any surrounding. The unique design removes the need for the traditional button light switches that bring a modern and stylish look to enhance your property.

All Remote Touch Dimmer Switches come with free Remote Control with every order. (1 battery 27A 12V required, not included)

The snap-on Glass Panel eliminates the view of any screws that are holding the switch in place. As a result, there will be no need to replace any existing wiring as the I LumoS switch will easily replace any existing light switch you have. 

I LumoS light switches are compatible with most LED light bulbs, including GU10 bulbs and can work with as little as 3 Watts up to 700 Watts per Gang. The switches are also suitable to be used with all fluorescent light bulbs. The switches can also work with LED lights bulbs as low as 3 Watts with our LED adapters which will be provided free of charge if needed. Our LED adapters are designed to eliminate flickering in 99% of flickering issues. Our Switches are also compatible with all standard Halogen Light bulbs and fittings.

I LumoS more than just a name. It is a Brand you can Trust. I LumoS the best out of your home without having to break the bank. Why use rockers, buttons or switches in a world surrounded by Touch products. Why not bring that Beauty, Simplicity and Enhancement into your home. With a 2 Year Warranty on all our Products, you can rest assured that we are there to help no matter what problem you may encounter.

Below is a list of all product information, from material to power information. Our Switches are of the highest quality that will face any condition. The Switches are made from a high-quality Aluminium brushed frame and glass panel that works under 97% Humidity, which makes it ideal for use even in bathrooms. Our beautifully designed fascia covers the switch's electronics, and its Glass Touch Panel makes it impossible to conduct any electricity. The switches are all electronic with no moving parts or rockers. There is no buzzing noise when dimmers are used. The Voltage and frequency capabilities of the switches ensure that the switch can be used all over the World in any country. With a load power of 3 Watts to 700 Watts per Gang, users can rest assured that even the lowest power consuming LED bulbs are compatible.
The switches come in 3 different choices with Touch, Dimmer and Touch switch with remote control capability. Please choose the switch most suitable for you and your home and take comfort knowing that you purchase a high-quality brand.